Get Ready to Meet Our Exhibitors: A Sneak Peek into Innovation and Excellence

Are you ready to dive into the world of innovation, quality, and excellence? We’re thrilled to introduce you to our esteemed exhibitors who will be showcasing their cutting-edge products and services at our upcoming event. Each exhibitor has a unique story and a commitment to making lives better in their own way. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

1. JAL – Making Lives Joyful since 1989
Product Focus: Bath fittings and Bath wares

JAL has been in the business of making lives joyful for over three decades. Established in 1989, they have dedicated themselves to providing high-quality bath fittings and bath wares that enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your living spaces. With a rich history of excellence, JAL is a brand that understands the importance of quality in every detail.

2. TMT – Constant Innovation in uPVC Pipe & Fittings
Product Focus: uPVC Pipe & Fittings

TMT is all about constant innovation and providing their customers with top-quality products at competitive prices. Their focus on uPVC pipe and fittings has earned them a reputation for reliability and innovation. When it comes to piping solutions, TMT is a name you can trust.

3. Taiton – Unveiling the Future of Hardware and Security
Product Focus: Glassdoor, Hardware, Electronic Locks, RFID Locks, and More

Taiton is at the forefront of the future of security and hardware. They offer an impressive range of products, from electronic locks to smart switchable film. With their innovative solutions, they are changing the way we think about security and convenience.

4. ALDEKO – Customized Aluminum Composite Panels in India
Product Focus: ACP Panels

ALDEKO has brought a revolutionary concept to India with their customized aluminum composite panels. These panels are not just functional; they are also a work of art. If you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics of your space, ALDEKO is the brand to watch out for.

5. BLOOMS INDIA – Blooming Strong since 2009
Product Focus: Expansive Reach and Satisfied Customers

BLOOMS INDIA has a remarkable journey that began in 2009. In just 13 years, they have spread their roots to 40 cities and earned the trust of 5000 satisfied customers. Their presence is a testament to their commitment to delivering top-quality products and services.

6. Wood Square – Interactive Smart Class Solutions
Product Focus: Smart Class Solutions

Wood Square is your go-to destination for interactive smart class solutions at the best prices. Their dedication to enhancing the education sector in India is commendable. If you’re looking for innovative ways to engage students and elevate the learning experience, Wood Square has the answers.

As we gear up for our event, we invite you to explore these exceptional exhibitors and their offerings. Whether you’re in search of quality bath fittings, advanced security solutions, customized panels, or innovative educational tools, our exhibitors have you covered. Join us at the event and witness the future of innovation and excellence in action. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to meet and interact with these industry leaders who are shaping the way we live and work. We can’t wait to see you there!